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My Story

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Narrative Therapy first caught my attention in 1999, while teaching as a specialist learning support (remedial) therapist at a primary school in Cape Town. With a strong heart for inclusion, diversity and justice, I was immediately struck by how the philosophy and practice of Narrative Therapy resonated with what I believe and stand for. I thought to myself: “If only these wonderful ideas and practices could be made available to people in their everyday lives, what a difference that could make!”

I realized that the children I was teaching to read/write at the time, were often also struggling with emotional and social situations in their everyday lives. I worked on developing a StoryBooking methodology that supported both their reading development and their emotional development simultaneously. This work became popular amongst teachers and parents, as they realized that this Narrative Approach I was using could also help them to make a difference to the way their children and families storied their lives.

Since those early days of my own “Narrative Transformation”, I have worked extensively with children, young people, families, school leadership and whole school communities in transforming the Narratives that live in the lives of people and their communities. Narrative ideas and practices have been hugely influential in finding ways to raise a beautiful, blended family.

As teacher, trainer and specialist wellness practitioner, I share with you my 20+ years of experience in bringing Narrative Therapy ideas into everyday personal, family, educational and leadership settings.

I am excited to share some of my learnings and enthusiasm for a Narrative Way with you.



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