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"Narrative in a nutshell!"

I have recently printed my latest project, a workbook designed during a trip in the African is for use during my Narrative teaching/counselling sessions when back in the city. I have found, over the years of working with children and adults, that simple drawings often say more than the sophisticated words we attach to them. Perhaps its my remedial-teacher brain talking...? Perhaps my frustrated artist looking for licence to publish...? Perhaps my need to consolidate clear understandings of system and process when learning new things...? And then certainly it's the excitement of distilling out of highly complex theory, the sweet essence of it all.

"It's Narrative in a Nutshell !" exclaimed Kim, a dear and experienced friend and colleague...and she should know. She has been passionately committed to a Narrative approach to running schools since she first engaged my services to assist her in orientating her school towards a whole-school Narrative culture about 15 years ago. As ex-Director/Owner of a popular primary school in Cape Town, Kim continues to wave the Narrative flag.

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